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    In Game Rules

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    1. Hacking
    Hacking is prohibited in any form,
    Punishment: Permanent HWID ban.
    2. Scamming
    Scamming items of other players is not allowed at all. No matter how a person is getting scammed, the scammer will get a punishment if we will find proof for it in the logs.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
    3. Using any Bot-/auto-programs
    Since we have caught people using bots/macros (programs that play for you and allow you to farm points while you are AFK).
    It is not allowed to have any program helping you get Points/Ranks/Dil/Items or whatever while being AFK.
    Punishment: Permanent jail / HWID permanent ban.
    4. Stacking/Dual clients in DKSQ
    Stacking with the same person is not allowed in DKSQ, this means you are not allowed to be with somebody at the same time multiple times (this means +/- 5 times in a row). We are aware that there is a 50:50 chance to get on the same team, but there are other ways to find out either it is stacking or not. Furthermore, a dual client in DKSQ is forbidden as well (this means putting AFK chars on the enemy side to have an advantage), we will keep checking the HWIDs of the players in DKSQ.


    1st Offense: 48 hours ban

    2nd Offense: 7 days jail,

    3rd Offense:Permanent HWID ban.
    5. Insulting Staff
    Insulting is more of a no-go. Try being mature. But on the other hand, don't take everything too serious, it's just a game. Flaming surely is a part of the game, so if you can't handle it, The blacklist is your friend. Insults towards the staff will be handled in a different fashion though, we are trying our best so we also expect the community to act mature towards us.
    Punishment: 1st offense: Verbal warning

    2nd offense: 48 hours jail.
    3rd offense: 7 days jail.4th offense: Permanent HWID ban.
    6. Selling creed materials
    Selling anything from the game for real money or trading stuff from other games to items on Creed is prohibited. 
    Punishment: Permanent HWID ban.

    7. Bug abusing
    Abusing bugs caused by mistakes in updates is not allowed. Sometimes it is our mistake that there is a bug like the latest Perpetuus bug and we will not jail anyone for such stuff. Even though if the staff clearly says that it is a bug, you are not allowed to abuse it and will get punished if you continue abusing it after an announcement. If the bug abusing goes too far it even might end up in a permanent ban.
    Punishment: First offense: 7 days jail.

    Second offense: Permanent ban (Note that we might also ban permanently at the first offense if the bug abuse is clearly forbidden and goes to an extreme).

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