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    1. Creed X

      1. General Discussion

        Talk about server related topics.

      2. Tips & Guides

        Post Guides and Tips (don't ask questions here)

      3. Guilds & Alliances

        Talk about Guilds and Alliances here.

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      4. Fan Art & Graphics

        You are a Fan? You can you design graphics or you can create & edit videos?
        Show off your work here!

      5. Suggestions & Feedback

        Tell us what you like or would like to see on Creed Dekaron

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      6. Rules

        Server/Discord/Ingame Rules.

    2. Creed Support

      1. Questions & Answers

        Do you have a Question? Let players help you!

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      2. Technical Support

        Please post your technical issues here for support.

      3. Bug Reports

        You have found a Bug? Something is not working as intended?
        Please tell us, so we can fix it for you!

      4. Report Hackers/Cheaters/Scammers

        If you have any proof of someone hacking/cheating/scamming post it in here and staff will take a look .

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      5. Report Harrassment & Spam

        post issues with other players in game about harassing and spamming here.

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    • Upcoming Events

      • 24 January 2022
        Weekly 1v1 PVP event!
        Pm me to apply for the weekly pvp event that will occur this Sunday 3 pm server time. 
        1st prize  - {WIN} / {PVP} / limited till next week tournaments- + Weapon skin + exclusive wings 
        2nd Prize - {PVP} limited till next week tournament + weapon skin
        3rd Prize - {PVP} limited till next week tournament + 5 jars + 100m dils
        Thank you 
        ~ Team Creed
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